How I Hire: How to Blow a Job Offer

A couple of years ago a colleague of mine was being wooed by a well-regarded university (not my own, incidentally). We’ll call him Ben Evans to spare him embarrassment. Ben was flattered that Arundel University (also a pseudonym) was interested in him and excited about the prospect of moving back east.

There still were some issues to be worked out, though. Arundel’s usual practice was to have lateral hires come in as visitors for a year before being given a permanent position. Read More ⇒

Are You Being Too Agreeable?

I once did advisory work for a midsized company whose CEO cheerfully told me, “In twenty-five years, we’ve never failed to reach agreement with a customer or a vendor.”

Because we were in a meeting with his other senior managers, I nodded my head and smiled. Later when we were alone, I said that the company’s unblemished record was an odd thing to be proud of. I quoted the old saying, “If you never miss a flight, you’re spending a lot of time in airports.”

The same principle applies in negotiation. Read More ⇒