One good idea can spell the difference between a deadlock and deal. Here are short videos and tip sheets that will boost your negotiation success.

Articles and Notes

“HBS Negotiation syllabus.” This syllabus is for Professor Wheeler’s syllabus for his Harvard Business School MBA Negotiation course, spring 2015.

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“The power (and perils) of self-assessment.” This short note is background for the self-assessment feature of the Negotiation 360™ app.

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“Rocks and Hard Places: Managing Two Tensions in Negotiation,” by Dana Nelson and Michael Wheeler, Negotiation Journal. January 2004. This 16-page article describes the strategic tension between creating and claiming value in negotiation, as well as the perceived trade-off between asserting one’s own interests and empathizing with others.

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“Anxious Moments: Openings in Negotiation,” by Michael Wheeler, Negotiation Journal. April 2004. Even experienced negotiators often are comfortable negotiating, especially in its open moments. This article examines the source of that anxiety—and how it negatively impacts the process.

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“True or False: Lie Detection in Negotiation,” by Michael Wheeler, Negotiation, November 2003. Are the parties you negotiating with telling you the truth, the whole truth . . . more merely something vaguely like the truth? Beware of easy answers to that question, but there are successful techniques for getting a better sense of honest other people are.

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